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9 sec street car

Selected Ad
Category: Drag Racing
Title: 9 sec street car
Ad Number: 25944
Date Posted: 1/14/2012
Contact: ed smith
hemet, CA

9 sec street car


trade over 19000.00 to build this motor new paint new motor only dyno time made over 400 hp at 16 lbs of boost this car will run in the 9 s in the 1/4 6s in the 1/8
trade hot rod street rod pro street
The engine isnew alumi cases silicone bronze sleeved lifter bores, cut for sand seal, 10mm bug pack race ware head studs.pauter rode 5.5 je 220 wall wrist pins pauter turbo cylender 84mm demillo full circle crank wedge mated 84 x 94 makes it a 2332
Cam is an engle fk87 specially ground for me on a Scat sc1 billet. 112lobe separation .400'' lift at cam, .600 lift at valve. 320duration, 276@ .050 duration
Pauter 1.5 billet roller rockersand set to .001 clearance or "loose zero" The heads are super Flo's . They have been extensively modified with welding/ porting, reshaped chamber, bigger seats, manley SS valves .200'' longer 46mmx40mm, kmotion 800 springs, ti retainers and manely keepers
The compression ratio is at 8.2:1, 55cc chamber volume and .137'' deck height (including .060'' copper head gasket)
The carb is a holley 600cfm blower carb, dual feed, double pumper mech. 2ndaries. The power valve is plugged off right now also.
That should cover anything you'd wanna know about the engine I think.
Trans is IRS type1 single side cover case, 3.88 Gleason R&P, supper diff with berg poor man posi, berg 9 tooth 3.78, 2.06 mainshaft with 091 1st idler. 3rd is a welded 1.26 and 4th is welded .89. It has hardened keys throughout, steel shift forks, and a billet side cover, type 2 output flanges with 100mm cv's that gearbox was built by SRM and ive been into it a couple times too.
Also there is an anti shocker installed on the clutch arm that fully adjustable. (its on the 2nd to softest setting right now) this way the clutch slips for a second when you launch so the axles or trans doesn't break. Feel free to start tweaking the setting higher if you feel it slipping too much when you leave the line.
Also on the ignition box that's behind the driver and pass seat. You will notice there is a long thing of wire coiled up with a zip tie around it. that's for your "2 step" if you hook that wire to the switch on the steering wheel and ground the other end of the switch, you can put it on a low limiter when you launch. I think the chip in the box is 6200rpm. The chips are standard msd chips and can be bought in all different rpms. The high limiter is adjustable with a small screw driver on the side of the ignition box. ITS SET a little low right now you can step it up to 8600 or so. The box itself is a ProComp 6al
The ball joints and tie rod ends are all new

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